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"Working with Rachel has been such a blessing. With her coaching and guidance, I was able to let go of lifelong emotional eating habits that I had been struggling with, such as binging on sweets. She helped me understand what was happening in my body physically to cause sugar cravings, as well as unravel the emotions behind those cravings. She also helped me in improving other aspects of my life – reducing stress and creating a warm home environment – which led to less emotional turmoil and therefore less cravings!" - Mindy West, Mindy West Spiritual Living
"I’m a student and busy stay-at-home mom with two energetic kids. I often feel stressed and overwhelmed and that has affected my relationship with food and my overall health. After only one conversation with Rachel I have already started to better manage my personal expectations and spend more time on self-care. Rachel is a fantastic listener, asks great questions, and offers creative suggestions. I’m inspired by her passion, wisdom, and compassion.” - Tiffany Davis
Carrie Cardozo
"I recently had a Soul Gifts and Challenges reading with Rachel and I have to say she blew me away. I am a psychic and I do readings for people all the time. I have never been able to have one done for me that added any value at all. The information that Rachel was able to give me gave me great insight as to WHY I am really great at somethings, why I am still facing others, and why I feel the way that I do. This information was spot on with what I already know, but went deeper to explain the history of it. If you would like clarity on what your gifts are and why you keep facing things in your life than you need to have a session with Rachel. It will give you great insight into who you are at a soul level and really incorporate that into your life.” - Carrie Cardozo, Empowerment Priestess
Molly Hahn
"Being a client of Mind Body Joy and especially getting to know Rachel truly transformed my mindset about eating and nutrition. Rachel helped me to look at the bigger picture of health and examine what was right for my specific body. I felt that our consult sessions were very helpful, as were the resources Rachel had at her fingertips. I would recommend Rachel to anyone wanting to get a fresh look at eating healthy.” - Molly Hahn
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Here is to healing your body, following your joy, and living a life you love!

"Rachel is a sincere and gifted coach who listens closely and guides me in my journey to being the best possible me. In the six months we have been working together, she has helped me to understand my emotional eating, which has allowed me to lose weight and cut way back on sugar and other carbohydrates. Rachel is also guiding me in decluttering my physical space and emotional life. Perhaps most significant, she is helping me to clarify the status of an important relationship. I am in a much better place than I was six months ago, and I owe that in great part to Rachel."

- Annie J.

"I met Rachel at a business networking group and was immediately impressed by her style, open friendly nature, and her core values. I know nutrition inside and out but needed help with the emotional side of my choices around food. I booked a six month set of Health Coaching appointments with Rachel and am delighted with the outcomes. I lost weight, became more organized in my home, work life and finances, and I have begun to know myself as the beautiful and successful woman that I am. Rachel is patient, wise and experienced with the pitfalls and pain that come with emotional eating and self-deprecation. Since our time together I have started dating better quality men, been offered a new course at my job teaching, and am now recording a full length CD. My life has gone from good to great. I highly recommend her. Thank you for you, Rachel!"

- Jen Swartout, MS, MA, LMT, CNS
Clinical Nutritionist, Massage Therapist and Professor

"I did not really know what to expect when getting a Soul Gifts/Challenges reading, but it was an amazing experience. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and elated to find out so much about myself. I’ve struggled over the years with issues of self-worth and hearing what my self-worth is truly based on has made me see myself in a brand new light. Rachel was very detailed in explaining each section of the reading and make sure that I understood the concepts that I was unfamiliar with. During and after her reading, so much that I’d experienced in my life made sense. It’s like I finally understood why I had felt the way I did growing up. I also received confirmation that the gifts and talents that bring me joy are part of my life purpose. It was as if Rachel knew me, and it was the first time I’ve ever spoken with her. I highly recommend her for the Soul Gifts/Challenges reading."

- Traci Jackson


"Rachel is awesome about talking me through things I'm stressed about. Whether it is exercising, eating healthier or life problems, she walks me through it step-by-step and helps me calm down and come up with a plan to tackle what is stressing me."

- Amethyst Ryan

"Rachel has been an amazing person to have in my life. Her personality and presence are incredibly comforting and supportive. These qualities make her easy to open up to, and you know you will be in good hands when you do. There have been many times when I was able to gain clarity and motivation after just talking to her. She's an amazing listener, and her character is a perfect match to the world of health and wellness coaching."

- Sara Ogaz


"As soon as I met Rachel I was taken in by her fun, bubbly personality. Whenever I talk with Rachel she makes me feel comfortable and will always encourage me, while also keeping me happy and relaxed. She always has great advice on nutrition and listens carefully to any issues I may be having with my diet. Actually, Rachel is extremely easy to talk to, whatever the subject may be! Overall Rachel has had incredibly positive influence on my life - she is genuine, honest, and always makes me feel happy and confident about myself. I absolutely love my time with her!"

- Bethan James

"Working with Rachel was such an awesome experience. She is so professional and really helped me to understand the information she was giving me. I couldn't believe how the soul gifts and the soul challenges she related to me were so spot on! She was able to describe me to a T! She gave me great advice on how to deal with my soul challenges. The one thing that really amazed me was when she told me I have a secondary Godspark at my third eye chakra (which means heightened intuition) and has been there for 2 years and 4 months (August 2014). I got married on August 8, 2014 and it was then that I felt a deeper connection to God and was able to do some deep healing of my own soul, which in turn inspired my husband to do some healing as well. This soul gift reading from Rachel re-confirmed the decision I made 6 months ago to start my own Life Coaching business. The advice she gave me will really help me tap into my gifts and use them for the greater good of helping others.”

- Jenny Salsberry, Tapping With Jenny